portrait of a woman (picture perfect #2)

January 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Portrait of a woman seated in a garden

I love this photograph. I love how smooth it all is, & the selective focus – the smoothness is a fairly common characteristic of old photographs (I’m not sure exactly how old this is, though – at a guess I’d place it as early-1900s?) but it really works here. How you can hardly make out her face, which the black-and-white film has bleached, so that the left side has barely any shade. But then the checks on her suit are perfectly sharp, you can almost feel the texture of the hat – and all around her, there is a blur. She has made herself like this, the photograph says. She has chosen to present herself this way. She is more real than her plants. She is stronger than herself.


§ One Response to portrait of a woman (picture perfect #2)

  • Beth says:

    I didn’t want to add anything to what you’d already said about this photo. I just wanted to ‘like’ it (as is modern society) but WP prevented me from doing so, so this comment is testament to me liking it, a lot :).

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