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December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

a christmas card!

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading blogs, newspapers, magazines, and countless websites as they topple their year-end lists on top of each other, laughing about how much better Kanye West’s new album is than, like, the new Kings of Leon or whatever other shit came out this year. And, tragically, it’s made me want to do that – or maybe it’s just the time of year when we all throw caution to the wind and act as if our opinions really matter, and I’ve found it unable to resist. The thing is, I don’t listen to every album that comes out. I don’t even listen to every album that comes out that I want to listen to, or that I think I’ll like. I’ve listened to The Secret History’s album The World That Never Was three or four times in the last few days, and still haven’t properly devoted the time to the Titus Andronicus album that I know it deserves.

So I’m going to kick this blog off with posts about what happened this year – what music I listened to, books I read, food I ate and all that. But some of them will be lists, and some of them won’t. They won’t be in any particular, cohesive, comprehensive order; I am crushingly aware that my degree, for which I often have to read lots of books in a week, doesn’t leave much time for reading the latest 1000-page tome that McSweeney’s have put out, for getting into Alex Ross’s new book about classical music, for listening to Joanna Newsom’s triple album enough times to work out what each song is.  I know that my lists won’t be the most comprehensive, won’t be the most informed. But I was still conscious for a lot of the year, and I got to read and listen to and watch some things. And what else are those dead, dark, lame duck days before Christmas for, if not to think about the year that’s gone?


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